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 Elvis Memorial Festival

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Jaming With Elvis
Jaming With Elvis

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PostSubject: Elvis Memorial Festival   Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:25 am

Elvis Memorial Festival
January 12-13
Little Graceland; West Highway 100
Little Graceland
Simon Vega
Route 2, Box 94, Little Graceland; Los Fresnos, TX 78566
(956) 233-5482; (956) 561-7086

Music: Rock, Rockabilly
Activities: Awards show, Concert season, car show and rides for children

Since August 1993, Simon Vega has held the annual Elvis Festival. Simon now with the assistance of the Los Fresnos Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Los Fresnos holds two annual festivals, one in August for the memorial of Elvis and a Party in January for the Kings Birthday. The festivities include: Live music, food and beverages, look a like contest, sing a like contest, car shows, trivia questions, museum tours and fun for the family. The Highlight of the festivities is the World Class impersonators that come from all around to perform the Elvis hits on stage which give the festival its proud tradition of celebration. Simon Vega joined the U.S. Army on February 6th back in 1958. Simon reported to Fort Carson, Colorado to complete a four day induction into the military. From Colorado he was sent to Fort Hood, Texas and took basic training for four weeks. During that same period of time, Elvis had arrived from his induction from Arkansas. It was at Fort Hood where, Simon introduced his wife, Theresa Vega, to Elvis for a photo opportunity. Theresa recalls that Elvis was nervous while he placed his arm around her for the picture. After the picture was taken, Elvis responded "gracias". The photo of Elvis and Theresa can be seen in the Little Graceland Museum. Although Simon had met Elvis around the barracks at Fort Hood, it wasn't until they got shipped off to Germany where Simon finally got to get the opportunity to know Elvis. In late August of 1958 when they arrived in Freidburg, Germany, both men were assigned to Company D Spearhead 3rd Army Division. It was in the "chow" line that Simon approached Elvis and reintroduced himself. From that day on, Vega and Presley became "army buddies". The two friends shared guard duty and other details. Elvis just wanted to be treated as an equal to his fellow soldiers; no better, no worse.
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Elvis Memorial Festival
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