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 Rock'n'Roll Heaven Legends Show - Jul 11/09 - Toronto ON

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Jaming With Elvis
Jaming With Elvis

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PostSubject: Rock'n'Roll Heaven Legends Show - Jul 11/09 - Toronto ON   Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:59 am


Hi Friends,

Please see the attached poster for details on this "Really Big Show". All proceeds to benefit the Karla Begley Foundation.

The Karla Begley Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to raise funds for Karla Begley's very costly MS (Multiple Sclerosis) medicine. Karla has been living with MS now for 13 years, the first 7 years were manageable as she was classified as a relapsing/remitting patient. The past 5 years however have been more difficult as she is now in the secondary progressive stage of MS. In the past, once a patient enters the secondary progressive state there was not much the medical community could do for you other than trying to keep one comfortable. A secondary progressive diagnosis can be a slow and steady downward spiral or a fast and furious downward spiral to ones complete immobility and mental capacity breakdown. This has now changed thanks to a new medicine (Tysabri) that is designed to halt the progression of MS.

Tysabri is not a cure for MS but can stop or significantly slow the progression of the disease. Tysabri has shown fantastic results in newly diagnosed patients and is now also showing great results with some secondary progressive patients. The only problem is that our Ontario Government has not yet recognized this relatively new drug and therefore most insurance companies have not yet recognized it either, even though it is fully recognized and supported in other provinces. Karla has now been taking the Tysabri monthly infusions for 7 months and is showing very good results thanks to the tireless fundraising, spear headed by Lori Paraskevas and Pirkko Van Gyzen (friends and co-workers of James Begley - Karla's husband). Tysabri costs over $30,000.00 a year and to date we have raised over $29,000.00! This will allow Karla access to Tysabri for a complete year. We are desperately hoping that we can raise close to another $30,000 over the next 5 months to allow for another years prescription.

Since James and Karla are very close to the Legends/Impersonators/Tribute Acts scene, it made perfect sense to produce a show with the help of many Amazing Performers to help raise funds.

The show features the below wonderfully talented individuals:
Victor J Hanson -
Comedic Host - Big Bopper
Diane Carter - Patsy Cline
Doug McKenzie - Roy Orbison
Jackson Begley -
Ritchie Valens - Elvis Boy
James Begley - Buddy Holly - Elvis
Gerie & the Koasters - Canada's Favorite Show Band

The show will be held at 315 Front Street W, Toronto, ON in the RBC Auditorium.
Tickets are only $30.00 each and can be sourced by contacting Lori Paraskevas
at 647-205-1728 or by email - Lori.Paraskevas@rbccm.com OR contact James Begley
at 905-576-7647 or email - almap@rogers.com.

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Best Regards,
James & Karla Begley
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dave dynamite
Jaming With Elvis
Jaming With Elvis
dave dynamite

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PostSubject: Re: Rock'n'Roll Heaven Legends Show - Jul 11/09 - Toronto ON   Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:42 pm

and for those of you not popping off to toronto dave dynamite,s rock n roll heaven show is next week in the peppermill puplic house stefan hill daventry northants 20th june great mix of rock n roll with plenty of elvis thrown in.
dave dynamite king
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Rock'n'Roll Heaven Legends Show - Jul 11/09 - Toronto ON
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