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 fantastic bootleg album

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Jaming With Elvis

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PostSubject: fantastic bootleg album   fantastic bootleg album Icon_minitimeTue May 31, 2011 5:38 am

fantastic bootleg album 110

I have recently acquired (downloaded *cough cough*) a copy of this bootleg album and i have to say its one of the best 1975 soundboard concert recordings i have and i have dozens. A lot of the 75 bootleg albums didn't necessarily have the best performances by Elvis on them due to the nature of his health and personal habits etc. However this particular show from June 30th in Tuscaloosa Alabama has what sounds like a very happy and enthusiastic Elvis on it, you can tell he is clearly enjoying the show from the banter in between songs and on the band introductions. The singing performances sound as if they come from around 72/73 as they are full if the vigor they sometimes lacked later on. So if you get the chance to get hold of this have a look,
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fantastic bootleg album
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